Governor Jerry Brown Is Under Fire For Homelessness Crisis

Homelessness Crisis

Governor Jerry Brown is a popular politician. His political resume is impressive no matter what side of the aisle you sit on. Some Democrats want Brown to run for president in 2020, but getting Brown to commit to a grueling campaign, and long hours talking about social and economic issues that never go away is not his idea of retirement. Brown has one year to go before he leaves the Governor’s Mansion. In 2020, he’ll be able to enjoy that big ranch he and his wife built to get away from the spotlight. But it could be a long year for Mr. Brown. The homelessness crisis in California is creating problems for city mayors, and some of those mayors think Brown is avoiding the issue.
The mayor of Los Angeles, Eric M. Garcetti, is the latest mayor to throw Brown under the homelessness bus, according to the New York Times. Mayor Garcetti said Brown is not helping cities deal with the homeless. Garcetti, a Democrat, tempered his remarks by saying he loves the governor, and he thinks he is doing a fantastic job. But in Brown’s last State of the State address, he didn’t mention the homeless issue. And according to the Democrats who are campaigning to take Brown’s job, the homeless issue is a Democrat issue since the number of homeless people keeps increasing on Brown’s watch.
According to the governor’s communications director, Evan Westrup, the lack of discussion about homelessness doesn’t suggest a lack of action by the Brown’s administration. Westrup thinks Mr. Brown’s 2017 package of bills that encouraged construction of affordable housing shows Brown’s concern.
Solving the homeless crisis and poverty in California are top priorities. But since Brown didn’t verbalize his concerns about those issues in his State of the State speech, it gave his opponents a chance to break into that Teflon exterior of his. They want people to think he is avoiding the issues.
Most Republicans know they don’t stand a chance in the next governor’s race. But it’s not just the Republicans that are throwing shade. Members of the Democratic Party are also flexing their shady political muscles in order to help them move up the governing ladder.
But trying to hurt Brown in California is like trying to eat soup with a fork. It’s not going to happen. Mr. Brown will leave politics with a record that rivals the best of the best politicians. And he did it using character, conviction, and ethical and moral behavior, according to many of the people in California who love the governor.



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