Kendall Long Kills With Kindness During Run On The Bachelor

During every season of The Bachelor, a few women always seem to stand out from the rest. Of course, the winner is always remembered, but that’s not the only way to win over viewers and become memorable. During Season 22 of The Bachelor, Kendall Long very well could be remembered as the one viewers feel got away from Arie Luyenkdyk, Jr.

From the very first episode, Kendall Long was able to showcase her unique personality to show viewers she was just a little different then her competitors. The show billed her as a little quirky, but Arie loved her personality and ability to bring something different to the table. It didn’t ultimately lead to marriage, but considering their differences in personality, finishing third is nothing to ignore.

Unique from the Start

Early on, some viewers thought that she might be just a bit too quirky for someone who seems pretty straightforward like Arie. For example, her love for taxidermy might have caught some off guard, but each week Arie seemed more and more intrigued about the possibility of something special brewing. She always spoke well during the confessionals shown on camera, which usually helps a contestant win fans over. She would have her signature moment in Week 6 of the show, walking away from a two-on-one date looking like a star.

To survive on The Bachelor, each woman has to be able to handle awkward situations that are thrown their way. They are all in a competition after all, but viewers never care too much for the villains who pop up. Season 22’s villain was Krystal Nielson, who just happened to be on the two-on-one date that took place in the Week 6 episode in Paris. These women were essentially polar opposites vying for Arie’s heart, and the stakes were simple: one would go and one would stay.

Krystal wasted no time stabbing Kendall’s back almost right away during the date in Paris, telling Arie that Kendall simply wasn’t ready for commitment. Instead of running away from the allegations, Kendall took the time to have a mature conversation with Arie about some of her past relationships. While many women on reality TV would eventually take the chance to get a back stabber back, Kendall Long killed Krystal Nielson with kindness. It made that week’s decision pretty easy in the end for Arie, and Kendall would eventually survive a bit longer.

Kendall had a growing fan base leading up to Week 6, but she reached another level of support after her reaction. Parents especially were very complimentary of the way that she handled the situation instead of trying to escalate it. Rarely are there true teaching moments when it comes to something like The Bachelor, but that’s how it all played out. She was one of the most tweeted about contestants all season long, and she peaked during her Parisian date.

Going off the show edits, it’s easy to see that Kendall has been able to accomplish a lot in her life so far with the tidbits they shared with viewers. Every time she was put in the spotlight, it seemed as though she was showing off a new skill or personality trait. Even though she’s 10 years younger than Arie, he always seemed impressed with the 26-year old’s skills, talents and interests. He also felt as though she was one of the most mature women on the show, taking everything in stride instead of playing into games. Taxidermy might not be for everyone, but Kendall was even able to open viewers’ eyes to this unique hobby. She also made it clear that she had a passion for music (ukulele specifically) and traveling.

Kendall's Time at Academy of Art University and in Los Angeles

Currently, Kendall Long is the creative director of WhoHaha in Beverly Hills. She has been working towards her goal to be in the entertainment industry for quite a while, dating back to her days at Academy of Art University. She ran track in college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in multimedia communications with an emphasis in on-camera talent and production. After attending college in San Francisco at the Academy of Art University, she moved to the Los Angeles area to get a taste of Hollywood.

Reality television first caught her attention when as she worked on set design for Keeping up with the Kardashians 10 year Anniversary. She has also worked on other well-known shows around the Los Angeles area, including Ridiculousness, Dare to Wear, Sex Sent Me to the ER, and Escape the Living Dead.

No, Kendall Long did not go home victorious, but it was about as successful of a run one could have on The Bachelor without winning. There is always a chance she appears on spinoff shows in the future, but she has a promising future ahead of her with WhoHaha and in Los Angeles in general.



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