Dianne Feinstein Fails To Earn Endorsement Of California Democratic Party

United States Senator Dianne Feinstein was not afforded an endorsement by the Democratic Party of California as she attempts to earn an appointment to Washington for the fifth time. Supporters of Feinstein are still optimistic as they believe the party snub will not hurt the Senator when it comes to the broader base of voters that will ultimately decide the election.

Activist for the part was more excited by Feinstein’s main challenger Kevin de Leon, who is the present Senate leader for the state of California. De Leon has billed himself has a more progressive politician than Feinstein offering a fresh outlook to the party. However, de Leon also failed to attain the 60% support needed to secure the official endorsement of the party.

This means that neither Feinstein or de Leon will receive the added campaign funds for the June primary that is given to the candidate that has the official endorsement of the party. The vote took place over the weekend when 3000 party activist convened for an annual gathering intended to inspire enthusiasm for the midterm election.

No official endorsement was given either to the four Democrats that involved in the race to replace Governor Jerry Brown.

This years campaign will mark the first time Feinstein did not enter the primaries with the parties endorsement since her first campaign for United States Senate in 1994. It also marks the first time she has faced credible opposition in that time span. Add in the fact that there is no Republican candidate in the race and the approaching showdown between Feinstein and de Leon was a foregone conclusion.

California runs on a system that allows the top two vote-getters to become eligible for the general election with no regard to the party represented. This has often benefitted the Democratic Party in the heavily Democratic state.

De Leon says the weekend’s happenings can only add momentum to his own campaign and characterizes the failure of either candidate to receive the party’s endorsement as an “astounding rejection” of usual politics.

De Leon argues that Feinstein, who is considered to be the establishment pick, has grown out of touch with the more progressive California that has developed since she began her political career. A hot button issue that de Leon uses to back his position on Feinstein is what he considers to be an unwillingness to fight for the many young immigrants in the state that were brought to California as children through no fault of their own.



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