LA Vet Helps Fellow Vets Find Jobs

Manny Lopez once served for the U.S. Navy on board the U.S.S. Bunker Hill in the Persian Gulf. When he returned to Los Angeles, he knew that he still wanted to continue to serve. He does this by helping veterans get jobs and housing, through his position in the Office of Public Engagement, working for Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti.

Lopez says that he wants to give veterans the best chance to successfully transition back to civilian life, and he insists that is through getting a good job. He went on to say, that while they have reached their "10,000 strong" hiring goal, their actual goal is much more than just getting people jobs.

He says that their true purpose is getting companies to hire veterans. They do this by not simply telling employers to hire veterans, but by meeting with companies and teaching them about the culture of the military and how the experience of veterans can actually be beneficial to their businesses and organizations .

Lopez notes that one the big challenges for veterans returning home is avoiding and/or overcoming homelessness. He and his staff have made solving this issue a priority. So far Lopez and his office have found homes for around 7,000 vets, but Lopez admits that the challenge is still ongoing.

As to what drives him, Lopez says that when he became a sailor in the Navy, he took an oath to serve his country. He further says that this oath did not cease to be enforce once he was discharged and became a civilian. He insists that he still has a duty not only to his country, but also to all his brothers and sisters serving in the armed forces. So he plans to continue doing all he can to help fellow veterans in need.



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