Californians Migrating Out Of The State Outnumber Those Moving To The State

A new report on the state of California has shown that the population of the state has decreased in numbers while increasing in both age and wealth over the last decade.

By reviewing tax data from the IRS it has been calculated that about 6 million individuals have left California while 5 million people have chosen to relate to the state. Researchers for the state also analyzed the data further and grouped migration both in and out of the state by income, educate, and age.

This has led many to wonder just where the many that choose to migrate out of the state of California are choosing to go.

The largest amount of former Californians leaving the state in the time period observed from 2007 to 2016 was Texas with over 300,000. The other states that made the top five for migrating Californians Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Washington.

The typical profile of individuals choosing to leave the state is young, less educated, and lower than average income. It has also been observed that families with children as well as those possessing no more than a high school diploma constituted the largest group of individuals migrating to Texas and other states.

This is compared to the data showing that those moving into California were generally older individuals with graduate degrees or higher educations, and six-figure incomes.

The younger, college-educated individuals that chose to move to California were mostly from the states of New Jersey, New York, and Illinois.

Despite the deficit in population over the last ten years that California has experienced it is still the most populated states in the nation. In fact, the level of migration out of the state over the most recent 10-year period is actually less than half of what it was recorded to for the time period from 1990 to 2006.



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