Dry Conditions Plague California

Recently, the state of California faced several years of severe drought. This was one of the worst times of drought in the state's history. A period of good rains and snows in the mountains occurred, and some California residents thought that the days of drought and water conservation measures were behind them.

February is demonstrating that drought conditions are not over for California. February has been an extremely dry month for the state. February is usually one of the wettest months in the state. It's the time when a great deal of snow falls in the mountains. When this snow melts, the water supplies those in the valley areas.

According to the LA Times LA Times, this is looking like it may be a February that goes into the meteorological record books as the driest February on record. As of February 23, Sacramento has received no rain. Both San Francisco and Los Angeles have received extremely small amount of rain amounting to around one-one hundredth of an inch.

The mountainous areas are receiving much less snow than is needed. Most of the mountain reporting areas are only reporting snow pack levels of approximately 50 percent of normal. One area reported no snow pack at the current measurement.

The reason for the dry conditions may be due to the current weather set up across the United States. California is getting some storms coming down from Canada, but these storms are not carrying much moisture.

In a normal California winter pattern, storms will form out over the Pacific Ocean and then come on shore with a west to east flow. The storms will carry Pacific moisture that will create significant snowfall up in the mountains.

Agriculture interests in the state are beginning to worry that several months of drought conditions may once again be in store for the state. In March, forecasters are hoping that the current weather pattern will run its course, and the state will receive the right storm flow to provide the moisture that is needed.



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