Come Tuesday morning the temperatures in California are expected to drop to a freezing point, with the unexpected warm weather this month the agriculture sector has been flourishing with an increase in production of Almonds and cherry trees. Almond farmers are worried, with the rumored freezing temperatures their crops are sure to be destroyed. California is the major producer of almonds will suffer an economic loss should the crops die, if the crops do die it would mean no nuts meaning California would have to import. Weather experts explain that this significant drop in temperature is because of the warm weather which automatically gave way to a cold storm. Should the dry and cold air mass merge the result would be a drastic drop in temperature.

Warnings have been sent out to motorists planning to drive through the grapevine yard on Tuesday to be cautious, it’s expected that the winds will blow up to 50 miles per hour. The weather has become so unpredictable that winter came after spring, Bonnie Bartling, a specialist in weather made a joke saying one has to replace their tank tops for jackets. San Francisco especially bay area will suffer freezing temperatures, on Monday morning the mountains of Santa Cruz were covered with 4 inches of snow. Temperatures are to drop up to 28 degrees in parts of wine country and 38 degrees in San Francisco; this would beat any record including one of 1897. Southern California temperatures are predicted to drop to a low of 32 degrees, with Los Angeles being warmer.

A meteorologist of the national weather service Steve Anderson advised people who are in areas expected to have freezing temperatures to ensure their pets stay indoors and cover any exposed pipes and plants. Anderson also told Almond farmers to deploy helicopters to stir up cold and warm air at higher altitudes if there was any chance of saving the crops. The cold temperatures would have passed by Friday and warmer temperatures returned, farmers are hoping that their crops ill hold on for long enough till the warm temperatures return with a bit of rain. With the weather being so unpredictable farmers are scared of growing crops with the chances of having a low harvest due to subsequent temperature changes. Meteorologists cannot offer any malaise because of the spontaneous weather change how are they expected to predict rain, or snow or even a storm.



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