The Immigration and Customs Enforcement team raid all undocumented businesses in California.

Over the past week, the United States and Customs Enforcement have reported having arrested 212 undocumented immigrants in Southern California. The arrest was conducted on Saturday where the ICE had targeted over 212 unregistered businesses. The process was a five-day mission. The ICE had earlier said that Southern California had hosted a list of immigrants that were not legit. This was against the law and something had to be done. Thomas Homan, the deputy Immigration And Customs Enforcement made a statement saying that just because cities like Los Angeles had sanctuary jurisdictions that somehow hinder the Enforcement team from arresting all illegal aliens and sending them to a more secure premise like a jail his officers were not going to be intimidated and that they were going to make very large arrests in the community sweeping it clean.

He continued to say that the operation needed his officers to have all required resources. This is because they were going to meet people whom they don’t recognize and they may have weapons that they may apply, injuring them. He added that the fewer jail arrests meant that the more arrests were made in the streets. He directed more operational resources for officer safety to all those regions that the mission was going to take place. The ICE deputy boss made it clear that they were not targeting innocent citizens but the 88% people that were previously been deported and found their way back to the United States illegally, all convicted criminals and all those who were issued with deportation orders and they didn’t comply.

About 55% which is equivalent to 107 people had previously committed felonies that were either violent or serious offense. Some had significant misdemeanors and such characters are not healthy remaining in the society. Governor Jerry Brown reported that there was a safety measure that was put in place to protect all undocumented persons from being deterred from taking their kids to school or even report crimes to the police. Democratic lawmaker Kevin de Leon said the bill was authored to secure all aliens from president Trumps inhumane way of deportation.

Homan reported that since the state became a sanctuary the law banned all his ICE inspectors from inspecting all private businesses and premises without a warrant. In case of such a scenario, all employees were required to notify their bosses within a period of 72 hours that there was an ICE inspection that was to be conducted.



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