Immigration Officials Make 200 Arrests In Southern California


The federal government is stepping up efforts to enforce immigration laws in the state of California resulting in more than 200 undocumented immigrants being arrested over a five-day period. In addition, 122 businesses that were suspected of employing undocumented workers were targeted in the sweep.

The present raids come on the heels of similar raids that were conducted recently in the northern portion of the state.

The battle between the Trump administration and the state of California over the issue of immigration has been a heated one. Many feel that the recent raids are a direct retaliation to the state implementing the ‘sanctuary law’ which effectively prohibits local law enforcement personnel from working in conjunction with federal immigration officials. The law went into effect in January.

California has also passed laws that restrict employers from sharing information to federal authorities and an announcement by state attorney general Xavier Becerra alerted business owners that the penalty for violating the order could be as much as a $10,000 fine.

ICE, when speaking of the recent raids conducted in Southern California, said that 88% of the more than 200 people arrested were previously convicted of crimes. The agency went on to explain that many of the individuals that were specifically targeted were considered to be serious threats to the public safety of American citizens.

Immigration officials, however, make it clear that future efforts to apprehend individuals that reside in the country without permission will not be restricted to those with criminal pasts.

A statement released by Eric Garcetti, Mayor for the city of Los Angeles, clearly expressed his contempt for the actions of federal officials. “Angelenos,” Garcetti explain should not have to live under constant fear of a raid by immigration officers that at any moment could separate hard-working individuals from their families.

Garcetti goes on to say that the resources being used to target immigrants in his city could be better used addressing issues that have a real threat to national security.

Approximately three weeks ago, agents working for ICE served notices to 77 area business in the cities of Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose that they must produce information pertaining to the hiring of undocumented workers.

There are reports also that farms in the San Joaquin Valley portion of the state, which happens to be among the largest regions for the production of agriculture in the United States, will soon be in line for worker audits performed by ICE authorities.



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