Federal Agents Target 122 Businesses and 200 Undocumented Immigrants in California

On Friday, the crackdown by the federal government in the Golden State widened on Friday when an announcement was made that 212 undocumented immigrants were arrested and 122 businesses were targeted in a sweep that lasted for five days in California. The action comes just days after the feds carr5ied out a host of raids in the Northern part of California in a bid to flash out workers who had been working illegally in the United States as undocumented immigrants. The crackdown on illegal immigration by the US federal government under the leadership of President Donald Trump comes after the passing of the Sanctuary law which is a very controversial legislation.

Sanctuary law gives limitations to the local law enforcement community from offering any form of cooperation to federal immigration authorities effective as from Jabuary1, 2018. California also passed a legislation that banned the voluntary provision of workers information to federal immigration by the employers who own businesses in California. The Attorney General of the state, Xavier Becerra gave a stern warning that businesses could be fined up to $10,000 in the event that they were caught in violation of the law.

An immigration attorney based in Los Angeles, Angelo Paparelli has said that the incidence was a clear indication that there was a battle between the federal government and California as a state. She added that whenever employers are served with inspection notices are aware that it is not just a proceeding of civil enforcement but has the potential of turning into a criminal law enforcement proceeding. According to a report released by ICE, its special officers and deportation officers apprehended 212 residents of California for violation of federal law on immigration.

The officers also went ahead to serve notices to more than 122 businesses in the northern part of the state of California. The ICE report concluded that 88% of the 212 arrested illegal immigrants were convicted criminals including violent and serious offenses such as weapons charges assault and child sex crimes. The ICE said that the operation that lasted for five days in the Los Angeles metropolitan was in a bid to target people who pose a threat to border security, public safety, and national security. The federal agency also said that it will no longer exempt categories or classes of removable non-citizens from potential targeting by the federal law enforcement agencies. Anyone who has been found guilty of violating immigration laws is liable to arrest, detention and even deportation.



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