The Licensed Marijuana sellers in California Request State Authorities to Crack Down on the illegal competition.

Just a few weeks after the Golden state enacted the law that legalized recreational pot, farming, and processing, there have been numerous complaints from the dealers. Authorized dealers have leveled accusations that they are facing stiff competition from illegal marijuana operations and have demanded the state to take stringent actions to curb on the vice. Most of the over 300 complaints that have been lodged are coming from small cannabis businesses and startups that have claimed to have suffered financial losses from the stiff competition offered by illegal dealers. The concern over illegitimate cannabis vending has been voiced licensed operators after a panel of operators received audience from Sacramento’s lawful marijuana dealers.

A representative of the Candescent firm, Stephanie Hopper said that that the state of California needs more stringent regulations and enforcement taking into consideration the fact that licensed operators have to compete with the marijuana black market. The canndescent firm specializes in the cultivation, processing, branding, and sale of cannabis in California. Hopper added that pot prices were plummeting as a result of illicit operations as the black market operators not have to pay any taxes. She added that the enforcement of regulations should ensure that operators who have been licensed must have the opportunity to grow and thrive in the multi-billion dollar industry in California.

The problem has been acknowledged by the State Bureau of Cannabis control which has announced that it’s making plans to start the issuance of citations to the illegal cannabis businesses in the foreseeable future. This was according to a statement issued by the head of the state agency, Lori Ajax. Ajax added that pot companies began their licensed operations when the legalization legislation took effect on January 1, 2018, and said that most of the early complaints had been responded to by her agents accordingly.

She said that her agency was getting complaints from a variety of vendors who were reporting unlicensed pot businesses to the promotion of products, labeling and packaging issues. The agency has said that it has issued 1,204 licenses as of today to business organizations that sell and transport cannabis. When brought to task on the reason why her agency has not issued any citations, Ajax noted that they had dropped most of the regulations on those very citations and that the players in the industry were still on the learning curve. Many other vendors have urged the state authorities to conduct investigations and verify the many pot advertisements going on in the state.



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