Cristina Garcia the #me too advocate accused of sexual misconduct

On Friday, a California assemblywoman decided to take a voluntary leave. She was featured in 2018’s Time magazine for having championed the “#ME TOO#” movement. Her participation in the movement made it is so popular, it actually attracted the attention of many. It was reported that she decided to leave the office temporarily after several allegations of sexual misconduct intensified. The news spread all over social media, newspapers etc. Since the news had leaked to the public, she felt that she couldn’t handle it anymore, she needed some time off. Cristina Garcia, a Democrat and a chair of the legislative women’s Caucus has always been an outspoken personality. She has back in times till date been stirring forward the anti-sexual harassment movement.

Back in 2014, Cristina was accused of groping a former legislative staff member. She denied the allegations but Daniel Fierro the staff worker insisted that she did. Daniels claim was placed under a strict and thorough formal investigation. Cristina emphasized that she was leaving the office so as to pave way for investigations to take place. She insisted she didn’t want to be a distraction, also her appearance at the office could have created some influence which would tamper with clear investigations.

During her exit, she stated that she is innocent of whatever allegations were directed at her. She continued to say that elected leaders should serve as an example and claims such as sexual harassment should be dealt with seriously and that all leaders should be held accountable for their deeds. Daniel Fierro claimed that Cristina grabbed his buttocks, tried to reach his crotch and stroke his back suggestively where the whole legislative had attended a softball game. A male lobbyist, who is anonymous at the moment told one of the newspapers that Cristina did make a crude sexual harassment remark during the 2017 legislative fundraiser.

Both Fierro and the lobbyist reported that Cristina appeared a little drunk at that moment. In October, Garcia nearly signed an open letter together with other 150 women. The letter was to eradicate the inescapable culture of sexual misconduct.
Garcia later said that she was among the many women who were targeted by the public for groping and being hulled at very inappropriate remarks. In a “Times magazine” Garcia was praised for having slammed to male colleagues who were accused of sexual misconduct. The two gentlemen later resigned in 2017. It was so shocking that on Friday she was the one featured in all the newspapers headlines for various sexual misconducts.



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