Motivated for the New Year: Rocketship Education Students Put Best Foot Forward

2018 is slated to be a great year for students across the nation


January is a time for new year’s resolutions, fresh goals, and original ideas. It’s not only representative of where people are, but also where they are going. Students are no different. In fact, it’s probably much more important for students since they are still developing and coming to the age of maturity. Rocketship Education has some of the best students in the nation — and they are taught by exceptionally talented teachers who care about the holistic academic experience.


As students continue on in their grade whilst also beginning a new year, effective strategies and skills come into play. Pupils begin to form new habits that are conducive to reaching their objectives for the upcoming year. For many Rocketship Education students, that also means there will be those who may have fallen behind being given a chance to boost their scores and grades. What better time to start that process than January, the beginning of a new year?


When students work harder on their projects and improve attendance, they are naturally more motivated. But what preempts that motivation? Is it the teaching style? The environment? Rocketship Education students not only have the benefit of beginning the new year in a dynamic teaching environment accompanied by an innovative learning atmosphere — they also have teachers and Rocketship staff who do their absolute best to ensure a solidly stable and successful academic experience.


These advantages make it easy for Rocketship Education students to focus more on individual assignments in an effort to avoid procrastination and low grades. These new habits also better prepare students for the challenging collegiate milieu, helping them to adopt study habits that are instrumental in achieving the top level of their chosen profession. Other habits that Rocketship Education students have become accustomed to are those of time management, adjusting the priority of academic tasks, and dividing assignments into smaller and more manageable portions to avoid feeling inundated with work.


Rocketship Education students are supported by their peers and school staff to ensure that there goals are met. Other students have found that the holistic Rocketship experience seeps into life at home, resulting in a increasingly effective school day. Simple things like a healthy diet, an increase in sleep, or more time set aside for homework are making headway into becoming the norm for students in Rocketship Education charter schools across the country.


Moreover, students who are heavily engaged in their learning experience are more motivated to go to school on a daily basis, resulting in fewer absences, better marks on essays and projects, and an increase in extracurricular activity participation.  At Rocketship Education schools, students love to learn new things because of their newfound love for the subjects they are studying. As they discover new historical events through a history lecture or have an epiphany during a chemistry lab session about a potential future career choice, every point in time is pivotal for students during their scholarly voyage.


As students take more responsibility for their habits, they begin to more fully realize their true potential. When pupils and teachers come together and identify sensible goals that can be implemented into the academic plan, it truly begins to become a magical experience. Not only do these children and adolescents start to excel in the classroom — they also embark on healthy practices which can be utilized throughout college and the remainder of their adult lives. More than ever, it is crucial to set in motion the methods and habits by which students are meant to succeed, helping them stay away from digital distractions and other harmful impediments to academic success.


When the new year begins, students have a fresh slate with which to begin their pedagogical relationship. In a system of dynamic schools like Rocketship Education, students at their learning institutions across the country are making strides everyday to learn more efficiently and actively. Moreover, teachers and Rocketship Education staff are doing their best to adapt to modern teaching strategies, never putting an end to their quest to find the best instruction strategies and classroom engagement techniques.


The unique and unapologetically rigid Rocketship Hybrid School Model allows Rocketship schools to focus on better teaching styles and turning students into tomorrow’s leaders. As Rocketship transforms public elementary education, the holistic system unites instructors with parents to provide an energetic experiential day.


Rocketship's proven hybrid method has a strong track record of success, with its schools ranking in the top one percent of all public schools in California serving low-income students. Rocketship routinely outperforms other schools in California and throughout the United States, including those in wealthier school districts, such as the Palo Alto Unified School District. Additionally, nearly 90 percent of Rocketship Education pupils have demonstrated exceptional math proficiency, compared to just 54 percent of students, respectively, in other schools located throughout the areas they serve.




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