Scott Baio the “Charles in Charge” actor accused of sexually assaulting Nicole Eggert when she was a minor.

Nicole Eggert

On Tuesday Nicole Eggert accepted Scott Baio’s advice and filed a report against “Charles in Charge” actor. Lawyer Lisa Bloom reported that the actress spoke to the Los Angeles police when she was presenting a case against Baio. She told the police that Baio sexually assaulted her when was aged between 14 and 17. In a statement, Bloom said that Scott Baio answered to all the questions and acquisitions filed against him. He gave his version of the story about the sexual abuse against Nicole when she was still a minor. Bloom continued to say that the Los Angeles police department interest in the case was entirely welcomed and that they would fully comply and cooperate with the police during the investigation period. Bloom confirmed that many had reached Him and Nicole supporting them saying that what Baio did was inappropriate mainly because she was still underage. Lawyer bloom also confirmed that he submitted all names and relevant information to the police.

Late January Nicole had accused Baio of digitally penetrating her. By then she was just 14 years. Nicole said that the assaults went on for several years until she was 17 years old. Baio also did have sexual intercourse with her when she was still a minor. During the Megyn Kelly’s talk show, Nicole said that to some extent she was a willing participant. She continued to say that she was highly manipulated into doing whatever Baio requested. She confirmed that the situations she underwent weren’t a rape-related event, but she insisted that she was still a minor and that’s where everything went wrong. Nicole claimed that Baio threatened her severally telling her to be quiet and not to share with anyone what she was going through or else he would cancel the show. Baio when asked when they first met, he said that he met with Nicole when she was 18years old and that’s when they had sexual intercourse.

Baio in a Facebook video claimed that whatever Nicole was saying was pure lies and that their encounter with Nicole was consensual. Baio said that one time Nicole called him and asked him to go over and she even went to his house severely. He claimed that she seduced him and it was so reasonable for him to behave the way he did. Baio in a ‘Good morning America” talk show, he accused “Charles In Charge” cast members Adam Karl and Alex Polinsky for collaborating with Nicole to try setting him up. Baio’s legal attorney told the media that they were still waiting for Nicole to bring her version of the story to the authorities. The Los Angeles Police department didn’t confirm that Nicole had talked to them yet.



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