Helena Martinez a contestant on the reality show “The Bachelor” Reported missing.

Helena Martinez, 22, as recognized by one of her fan in a reality show was reported missing. Her mother reported her disappearance when she appeared on the show where she was seen by thousands of viewers. She was also included in stories for those people that were reported missing in a headshot in Humboldt County.

A certain journal wrote an article and published about the rising number of missing persons in the county since the year 1977. It also included pictures of those people, their residential areas and even some of their family members. Helena was a contestant in the reality show’s current season, “The Bachelor”. The brother of Helena Amy Bonner O’Brien from Trinidad recognized her sister in the article that was published. The article was shared on social media, he read it on Facebook. O’Brien said that her sister Helena used to call him Sherlock Holmes. When one of the news stations asked him how he was able to know about his sister's disappearance, he said that he was scrolling through the missing people’ list where he was able to recognize most of them from various news stories.

He continued to say that when he got to her sister's photo he was so mesmerized and drowned in shock and disbelief. At first, he thought the photo was familiar but immediately his thoughts remembered the reality show “The Bachelor”. Helena’s season premiered since January 1.The county sheriff’s department reported that it did remove Martinez name from the list of those people that are missing, where she appeared since November 18.This is after her mother reported that she was nowhere to be found. Martinez disappearance took many into shock including the press. At one time Martinez retweeted on the North cost journal telling her mum that she barely gets cell service on the reality show “The Bachelor”.

The Sheriffs gave a report to the press saying that the county’s office deputies were typically trying to get into contact with Martinez. That if they were successful they would want her to confirm her status and if she was doing fine. The ease to contact her depended on the geographical position and some other factors. One of the deputies from the sheriff’s county officials reported that her name was not removed from the list of the missing people and neither were they able to contact her. One of the news stations reported that Helena was the first contestant in the show to have a Fairy cut. She was also the youngest in the show with 22 years. Her brother O’Brien said that Martinez was easy to distinguish from the rest of the girls in the show, simply because she had short hair.



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