Investigators still think that Robert Wagner’s whole story on Natalie Wood’s death did not add up.

It’s not yet clear how Natalie Wood passed away. An investigator said that the story told didn’t make any sense. The authorities on the other side are unable to call the case a murder neither are they able to bring forth any solid evidence that they have gathered so far. John Corina an officer at the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department reported that it was now clear that in order to solve the whole mystery and maybe understand how wood drowned in the cold waters of Santa Catalina Island in 1981 it will take another eligible witness to step forward or gather new information from the current one.

In a conference in Los Angeles Corina said that the case was going in the right direction and that soon they would fully understand what really transpired. He also confessed that gathering the necessary information was not a walk in the park and that some critical questions still remained unanswered. Corina restated that Robert Wagner, 87 the husband to wood had currently developed to be a victim of interest to solve the whole mystery. Corina said that they were going to work closely with the actor who is famous for the movie “heart to heart” but they were not going to force questions on him. Corina said the investigation was a suspicious one. It was a death investigation and not a murder investigation as most would term it. To make things clear the police department was not trying to press charges on Mr. Robert.

Investigators were interested to interact with Robert Wagner severally but the efforts to reach him directly or through his legal attorney in the past years have not bared any fruits. Corina said they were so eager to listen to Roberts’s side of the whole story, his version of how the events transpired on that fateful day. What Robert Wagner had initially reported to the investigators plus what he had been portraying ever since did not add up to what the county sheriffs had gathered. Corina continued to say that Roberts original story was that before Wood died they were with her talking in their private yacht. They had a Thanksgiving event and after some time Wood climbed down to their bedroom.

The next thing he knew was that she was nowhere to be found. He checked on her in the bedroom but she was not there. Mr. Robert later thought that maybe she climbed a dinghy and went to town to grab something in the middle of the night. There were heavy rains on that night and he wondered why she took a dinghy which she never knew how to operate. Corina confessed that since they opened the case in 2011 they have been able to speak to at least two fresh witnesses. According to the investigators what Robert Wagner shared was not convincing and that very critical questions still remained unanswered.



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