Drug Raids Continue in California

Drug Raids

The state of California has many companies that are focused on selling drugs legally. Over the past few years, many states have relaxed laws around drug use. However, there are many people who are still selling drugs illegally. The process to open a certified business is not expensive. As a result, the state police are not offering any leniency to people who are growing drugs illegally.

In just the past few weeks, state police have made a number of drug raids on businesses in various parts of California. State officials are worried that this is part of a growing trend. Some lawmakers want the state to relax various laws around drugs even more. However, President Trump has indicated that the federal laws will not be relaxed around selling illegal drugs.

Booming Growth

In just the past few years, the growth of the marijuana industry has brought a lot of economic growth to California. There are many people who have moved to the state in order to start a company in this industry.

Starting a business is not an easy process. Not only do new business owners require capital, but there are various licenses to get as well. Many banks are not willing to lend money to business owners who want to start a drug business. This means that potential business owners must get creative with raising funds to start a company. There are numerous online sources of lending for business owners to use. However, these loans generally have higher rates of interest.

Policy Changes

There are various resolutions in the upcoming elections for residents of California to vote on. Some people are tired of the drug use in the state. Other people want to see drug laws relaxed even more.

Politicians in the state are trying to satisfy constituents from both sides of the argument. As police raids continue to increase, this is an issue that is not going away in the future.


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