Pictures of Raw pork shipped in shopping carts sparks investigations

On Monday 29th raw unwrapped pork meat was delivered at a grocery store in San Jose in shopping carts. This was an unusual act, and it sparked the health authorities’ attention which lead to an investigation. Pictures of the grocery personnel shipping the pork meat in the grocery store went viral on Facebook and other social media platforms. This was propelled by Loretta Seto, a customer at the grocery store in San Jose who took the photos and posted them on social media.

Loretta said that she was standing on the opposite side of the 99 ranch market, that’s when she saw the groceries vendor deliver the pork meat using shopping carts. Seto further said that the ordeal was disgusting to see meat being transported in shopping carts that most parents stick their kids when they go shopping. She concluded that the act was gross and unhygienic.The environmental department in Santa Clara County got concerned after they received several complaints from the public that there was some unauthorized personnel delivering pork in shopping carts.

Mercury News, a local news firm in the area, reported that they received a statement from the environmental health department which stated that immediate action was taken to conduct an efficient and thorough investigation on the matter. They also vowed to take all appropriate measures to guarantee food welfare to the public.The department recognised the act of shipping pork in shopping carts as illegal and unhygienic. Several other oversight and regulatory agencies both at the state and federal levels were notified of the same.

According to investigations, the pork vendor was identified as Winston-based Jim's farm Meat Company. The office manager of the company Maria moon reported that she was aware of the incidence and that she fired the two employees who were captured shipping the meat in shopping carts with immediate effect.

Moon further stated that the company was carrying out a thorough investigation of the incident. She said that what the two employees did was entirely different from how they carry out their operations. They always wrap up their products before they are sent out for delivery. Moon reported that the meat left the company while wrapped, and she did not understand how they unwrapped the meat and decided to transport it in shopping carts.
The grocery store regretted the incidence and sent an apology to the public through mercury news. The manager further stated that they were committed to campaign for food safety and exclusive customer satisfaction. The office thanked the public for their patience as they investigated the matter and appreciated their efforts to bring the issue to their attention.



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