Earthquakes Could Indicate Future Disastrous Scenario

There have been quite a few large earthquakes in California over the past two weeks and some off the coast. An earthquake measuring 7.9 occurred just last week off the coast of Alaska. The quake triggered a tsunami watch for residents in California. A 3.4 magnitude earthquake hit California near the San Andreas fault in the past 24 hours. There have been several minor earthquakes along the fault as well over the weekend. Scientists are paying close attention to these quakes because of the threat of a large one occurring that could change conditions in California for some time.

The activity on the fault line isn't predictable. This is why scientists are monitoring trends in California and along the western seaboard. One earthquake registered a 5.1 while most of them have been around a 3.0. After looking at the locations of the recent quakes in California, scientists and state officials have seen a cluster near the San Andreas fault. These quakes reach up and down the fault instead of being in only one region.

The new details about the earthquake and the strength of them could indicate that the fault will remain active in the near future. There could also be a large earthquake that residents in the state have tried to prepare for over the past few years. These earthquakes are occurring back to back, sometimes four or five in one hour. State officials are warning residents about a possible scenario where a large quake would occur. Residents are being asked to prepare their homes and have the proper documents and belongings ready in case they are asked to evacuate. Some scientists believe that a big earthquake in California is about 10 years overdue. Officials in California continue to closely monitor the patterns that seem to be pulling together for a potential disaster in the state.



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