Los Angeles Lakers Surging, Showing Results for Faith in Coach Walton.

The Los Angeles Lakers came into the 2017 - 2018 season with a team filled to the brim with young talent. The addition of Lonzo Ball at the top of the draft came with the corresponding media attention that has haunted the footsteps of father Lavar Ball his entire career. However, even with the added glow of publicity, it looked like the Lakers were going to struggle to live up to expectations. Los Angeles hit an early season skid and rumors immediately started to roll out that the Lakers would be better served firing Coach Luke Walton. Despite these rumors, Walton kept his head down and kept working, prepping his young guys for the game in front of them. Now, it looks like Walton's approach is working. Los Angeles is the hottest team in the NBA and they are getting it done with star Lonzo Ball sidelined due to injury.

Lonzo Ball came to the Lakers with more hype than any other rookie we can think of in recent years. While Ball has had his struggles, he's also played well by showcasing his all-around ability to defend, rebound, shoot, and dish. When Ball was sidelined with a minor MCL injury, fans thought that the Lakers would likely mentally pack it in. This just hasn't been the case. Thanks to incredible play from rookie Kyle Kuzma and young Brandon Ingram, the Lakers are turning into must-watch, winning television. In fact, Los Angeles is the hottest team in the NBA right now with 8 wins in their past ten games.

The Los Angeles Lakers started their winning streak with Ball out there averaging 11 points, 10 boards, and 8 assists. Since being sidelined, the Lakers continued to win. Now, Los Angeles has pulled within a handful of games of the eighth spot in the Western Conference playoff picture, a hope that even the most ardent of Laker fans likely hadn't dreamed of grabbing While most Laker fans won't want to get ahead of themselves, it doesn't hurt to step back and see why this team is succeeding.

Mostly, Los Angeles is a deep team. Ball being sideline allowed Jordan Clarkson to start logging heavy minutes. Clarkson is averaging 16/4/4 since Ball went out. Kuzma has also stepped up to become one of the most dynamic scorers in the entire rookie class. LA is in good hands and the future is looking bright for the purple and gold.



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