Golden State Warriors Look to Steph Curry for Championship Run.

While the NBA is definitely one of the most entertaining sporting leagues in the world, there is a real sense of inevitability surrounding the state of the NBA Finals. Plays, fans, and media pundits all realize that the Golden State Warriors will be showing up on behalf of the Western Conference. The rest of the action, up until that point, is just practice. Even when Golden State loses an MVP-caliber player, such as when Steph Curry was sidelined for two weeks, the team remained almost undefeated -- buoyed by the play of an MVP-caliber performance by Kevin Durant. With that being said, the Warriors know they need Steph Curry healthy for another piece of hardware to join their mantle.

When the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics squared off this past weekend, fans were treated to one of the most entertaining regular season games that the league had showcased this year. Boston, a team filled with young talent, showed that they could hang tough -- at least for a little while. Ultimately, however, Steph Curry showed why he is the best player in the NBA. Curry would explode for 49 points and the Warriors would hold off the Boston Celtics in what could be a preview of the NBA Finals. What did we learn from this game? Well, a few things.

The first thing that fans learned is that Steph Curry is an otherworldly talent and he is not someone to be slept on. Curry spent four quarters chasing a superstar in Kyrie Irving while dropping 49 points of his own on typical elite efficiency. We also learned that the Boston Celtics, not the Cleveland Cavaliers, may be the real representatives out of the Eastern Conference this coming season. Boston has a team filled with talented, young, and hungry players. Led by Kyrie Irving, the Celtics look like they can compete with anyone on a nightly basis.

Still, no matter what team shows up in the NBA Finals for the Eastern Conference, the focus will still fall to Steph Curry. Curry is posting incredible numbers this season despite being banged up for the majority of the year In January alone, Steph is posting 31 PPG, 7 APG, and 5 RPG while shooting 53% from the floor. Curry will likely be the league's MVP this season and he'll no doubt be hungry to score another NBA Finals Championship to add to his growing and historic legacy. The NB is on notice, the Dubs are coming.



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