Fight Rages On Over Body And Estate Of Charles Manson

The fight over the remains and estate of deceased serial killer Charles Manson continues and each issue will be settled in separate California counties.

A Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge decided on Friday that the matter of Manson’s estate is under the jurisdiction of Los Angeles County due to the fact that the county was the last Manson called home. The estate may include rights to the use of Manson’s physical image, songs written by Manson and any other property that belonged to him while alive.

Manson was convicted of being the mastermind of a series of brutal murders that resulted in the death of actress Sharon Tate and six other during a two-night spree in the summer of 1969. The cult-like following of Manson grew too large numbers while he was incarcerated for nearly four decades.

The three parties involved in the fight and claiming to be Manson’s rightful heir is Jason Freeman, a grandson of Manson, Michael Brunner, a man that is claiming to be the killer’s only surviving son, and a man that was a pen pal to Manson for years, Michael Channels.

The three men will also fight for the right to claim Manson’s body which has been held by the coroner of Kern County since Manson’s death at the age of 83.

A variety of issues will have to be settled by the court before either of the men could be awarded the estate of Manson. The first of which is the paternity issue that surrounds Brunner who some believe was an adopted child. There is also the issue of a will that was said by Channels to be signed by Manson.

Manson is said to have told prison guards that he had no surviving children and had not written a will.

March 9th is the scheduled date for the next hearing pertaining to Manson’s hearing.

The three men will convene in Bakersfield, California at the end of January where a judge will decide which of them will receive Manson’s body.

The issue with the body centers around whether jurisdiction lies with Kings County where Manson was an inmate for nearly 40 years or in Kern County where he died.

Freeman was noticeably upset at Friday’s trial and complained that Manson’s body had been “held on ice” for more than sixty days now. This sentiment was similarly expressed by the other two men that wish to claim the body.



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