Ex-Attorneys For Suge Knight Arrested For Allegedly Partnering In Crime With Former Rap Mogul

Two Los Angeles area attorneys that have previously been representatives of former Death Row CEO Marion “Suge” Knight were apprehended on outstanding warrants Thursday that accused the two men of being accessories after the fact to felonious activities.

The two attorneys in question, Matthew Fletcher and Thaddeus Cooper were taken into custody by the sheriff’s deputies in Los Angeles Country reports a spokeswoman for the department, Nicole Nishida. Nishida would not speak to the specific crimes that the two men were accused of aiding and abetting.

Fletcher, 53, was booked into the county jail where he remains with bail set at $1 million. Information on the status of Culpepper was not yet available.

In prior court filings taking place last August, Fletcher, and Knight were accused together of tampering with witnesses in a murder case that is pending against Knight. The filing alleges that recordings exist of Knight and his lawyer planning to fabricate testimony and also that witnesses to the crime had been approached in efforts to facilitate a payoff.

The alleged bribery talks are said to have taken place in a series of phone calls between Knight and Fletcher while Knight was in custody. Both a business partner of Knight, as well as the former rap mogul’s fiancé were also implicated in the matter.

Several lawyers have represented Suge Knight for charges stemming from a 2015 incident in which Knight was seen on surveillance video running over two men with his vehicle at a Compton burger stand. One of the injured men would later die at an area hospital.

Conversations on the calls seemed to suggest that up to $25,000 payments could be arranged if nearby witnesses were to testify that the two men were armed at the time of the assault. This would strengthen Knight’s argument that his actions were necessary in order to secure his own safety.

Fletcher it has been reported could be heard on the recordings saying that he would ‘pay anything’ to a group of bikers that were present at the scene.

Fletcher responded to the bribery accusations by stating that he was speaking of cell phone video that the bikers may possess and was in no way suggesting the payments to be for false testimony to be provided by anyone.

The filing also accused Culpepper of contacting an informant for the Sheriff’s Department and making an agreement to pay the informant to make statements that he was present when the incident took place and give testimony that could prove favorable in Knight’s defense.



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