Bears Treated for Burns After California Wildfires are Returned to the Wild

Many people were concerned about the wildfires that raged through Southern California earlier this month. These blazes forced thousands of people from their homes, caused millions of dollars in damages, and made people question the safety of the region. Firemen and other rescue workers worked around the clock to contains the blazes. All of the events regarding the wildfires were read with interest across the nation. However, people are now safe and accounted for. People are also starting the process of returning and rebuilding. This means folks can now turn their interest towards more sentimental stories born from the ashes of the legendary wildfires.

One of these stories involves two bears that survived the wildfires. The two bears were badly burned during the wildfires, and they were fortunate enough to escape to safety. Received by a team of doctors, the two bears were treated for their extensive burns. Interestingly, the bears were treated with a variety of alternative treatments, including acupuncture, to help them along the long road of healing.

The doctors were veterinarians associated with the California Department of Fish and Wildfire and UC Davis. A 5-month-old mountain lion was also treated by the same team of professionals. Dr. Jamie Peyton, one of the lead doctors on the cases, stated she and her colleagues decided to stitch tilapia fish skins onto the feet of the animals to soothe the burns. This is not unlike the treatments doctors provide human burn victims. However, humans are often treated with the skins of pigs and humans. Not long after the skin grafts, Dr. Peyton said the animals were up and walking around in their bandages.

Acupuncture and other alternative treatments were used after the animals were put to sleep. The acupuncture, skin grafts, and other interventions were extremely successful. After only a relatively short time with the veterinarians, both bears were ready to be returned to the wild. Released last week, they are expected to make a full recovery and live a normal life in the Southern California wilderness. Meanwhile, the mountain lion has also healed nicely, and it will be returned to the wild in a few days. It is also expected to make a complete recovery.

What do you think about these remarkable stories of resilience and sacrifice? Do you find the rescue and treatment of these wild animals after the wildfires inspiring? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



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