2018’s Women’s March in California

2018’s Women’s March

California was over the weekend home to protesters and activists keen to make memorable the second annual Women’s March. Hundreds of thousands of them marched across the Golden State on Saturday. Los Angeles, in particular, saw over half-million protesters on its streets. Protesters were clad in pink and other bright costumes. They picketed by delivering rousing speeches.
However, this year’s march benefited from social media campaigns such as the #MeToo movement. The campaign sought to demonstrate the widespread incidents of assault and sexual harassment. The #MeToo movement gained momentum right after sexual misconduct allegations were labelled against Harvey Weinstein.
Some A-list Hollywood actresses that attended the Women’s March include Viola Davis, Scarlett Johnson, Natalie Portman, etc. They all had messages for the participants.
Violas Davis’ speech questioned the staggering number of sexual assault incidents perpetrated against women of color. The Academy Award winner is of the opinion that sexual assault is closely tied to racial issues. Violas Davis is a victim of sexual assault, who does not shy away from speaking about her harrowing experience. Her past still torments her, and her mission is to speak for the voiceless in matters sexual assault.
Violas Davis’ fellow Academy Award winner Natalie Portman spoke about her early days in Hollywood, which, according to her, were humiliating. Natalie Portman had to cover her body to prevent unsolicited comments touching on her body. She is concerned with the current system, which she believes favors men more than women.
Scarlett Johnson threw her weight behind fellow actresses, claiming that she had to compromise severally against her wishes. Scarlet Johnson stated that she had been in relationships both personal and professional were she felt undermined because she is a woman.
Angelica Salas, an activist, addressed the participants, partly blaming President Trump. She urged the participants to have the will to fight president Trump’s anti-immigration policies to secure their families. Angelica Salas is convinced that the #MeToo campaign is a stepping stone to articulating more complex issues affecting women.



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