Golden State Warriors Looking Ahead to Postseason.

There are very few teams in the NBA that can claim to be as good as Golden State on any given night. There are even fewer teams in the NBA that can claim to go toe-to-toe with the Dubs during a seven-game series. One of those teams seems to be the Houston Rockets, who recently clinched a 2 - 1 series win over the Warriors for their regular season matchups. Golden State won't lose any sleep over the head-to-head losses, but it definitely has head coach Steve Kerr looking toward the postseason and what is possible to come.

The Golden State Warriors are the most talented team in the NBA right now and that's not even remotely a hot take. Steph Curry and Kevin Durant could probably both make a case for MVP while Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are both easily top 20 players in the NBA. Golden State's led by the marvelous coaching ability of Steve Kerr and they have all of the momentum in the world on their side. Still, the Warriors know that it won't be a lock to get to the Finals this year thanks to a renewed effort by the rest of the Western Conference to beef up their rosters to cause some trouble.

This past offseason, Houston rocked the NBA world by acquiring superstar Chris Paul from the LA Clippers. Paul instantly improved Houston's offense while simultaneously catapulting the Rockets into Finals contention. Paul was the biggest difference maker in their most recent win over Golden State as he seamlessly rolled out 33 points, 10 boards, and 7 dimes -- to go along with suffocating defense. Paul held MVP Steph Curry to just 19 points on 30% shooting from the field. Needless to say, Houston has Golden State's full attention. In fact, Houston has rocked Golden State's mindset so much that Coach Kerr is taking a new look at the regular season.

Like Cleveland, Golden State typically coasts to the postseason as they prepare for a deep run toward a championship. This year, Golden State knows that they need home court advantage. Kerr spoke after losing to Houston and he made that clear, pointing to home court as "probably the number one goal". Golden State is likely still going to the Finals this year and they'll probably blow out any Eastern Conference competition, but their biggest fight might end up being in their own conference with Houston.



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