Los Angeles Considers Building Second Hollywood Sign

One of Hollywood's most iconic landmarks may be getting a twin.

Dixon Resources Unlimited, which is a company that consults for the city of Los Angeles, has issued a report that contains a list of recommendations for improving traffic and safety in the area surrounding Griffith Park, as well as for improving tourist access. The city requested the report in response to increasing tourism in the city.

Among the recommendations Dixon made is establishing a shuttle serving Beachwood Canyon and the construction of an aerial tram. But they also recommended that city consider building a second Hollywood sign on the San Fernando side of the hills.

They say that this would result in less traffic for locals and a safer environment for tourists. They believe that tourists could much more easily take photographs of the sign in this area, which has better parking options and safer access. Tourists could also see the sign up close if one were located there.

The report suggested that the city build the sign on either the Los Angeles Zoo side of the park or the north side of the park. They further went on to say that, as long as the sign were built on a mountain, the environment surrounding it would look familiar to the one surrounding the current sign. This, they say, would help the city when marketing the new location to tourists.

As a counterargument to this idea, the report did also say that building a second sign might damage in some ways the original sign's historical significance.

The report also included other ideas, such as constructing a sign-viewing platform and a sign-visiting center, and adding paid parking in high traffic areas.

David Ryu, who is a Los Angeles city councilman, commissioned the $120,000 report. He said that city employees should study it to determine which of its recommendations can be feasibly achieved.

Ryu further said that the Hollywood sign is perhaps the only world-renown icon that doesn't have sufficient access to it. He likened it to having a Statue of Liberty without things such as a viewing platform or a visiting center, or even signs telling people how to get there. He said that the current situation is not only not safe, but it is also not sustainable.



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