Tents Being Set Up Outside Hospitals In California


Ana Oktay, who is a California, rushed to the hospital back in late December. She was struggling to breathe and had a fever of 102. She thought that she had pneumonia or bronchitis. She actually had the flu. She stated that it was the worst she felt in her entire life. She was miserable for 10 days.

California is one of the 46 states that has been hit hard by the flu. In fact, Medical workers have stated that this is the worst flu season that they have seen in decades. Hospitals are overwhelmed with the number of people who are coming into to be treated for the flu.

Hospitals are turning ambulances away because they are overcrowded. They are also flying nurses from out of state. Additionally, they are not allowing children to see their loved ones in the hospital because they fear that the flu will spread.

Many hospitals are setting up tents outside because they do not have enough room. Michelle Gunett is a registered nurse who works for the Southern California hospital system. She stated that the flu crisis is forcing people to be creative and do things that they would not typically do.

Dr. James Mckinnel is an infectious disease specialist. He and his fellow staff members have been working long hours to treat people. He stated that some patients have multiple strains of the flu. Many people also have the flu and pneumonia.

Many people have the H3N3 strain of flu. This is more dangerous than other flu strains. Forty-two people who are under the age of 65 have died from the flu since the season began in October. State officials only include people who are under the age of 65 in the death count. The actual death count is a lot higher.

Officials do not know whether this flu season is just really bad or has reached its peak. Flu season typically does not reach its peak until February. Hospital emergency rooms are so crowded that they are telling people not to come unless they are severely ill.



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