James Franco Faces Oscar Scandal Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Actor James Franco is the latest star to face sexual misconduct allegations and those claims may affect his chances at this year's Oscars. If Academy Award voters get their way, Franco may lose their votes, even after they have already been cast. Voters are asking to change their votes in light of the latest round of sexual harassment claims.
James Franco Named in a New Sexual Misconduct Media Frenzy
In a story published by the L.A. Times on Thursday, the newspaper revealed the details of a journalistic investigation that named James Franco. According to the story, five women named Franco, saying that he engaged in "inappropriate or sexually exploitative behavior" toward them.
The release of the story came just after James won a Golden Globe for his starring role in The Disaster Artist, a drama which he also directed. The allegations of sexual misconduct also followed the final round of voting for Oscar nominations. The Oscar voting period lasts for eight days with Friday night being the final day for this year. Insiders with knowledge of the process say that the first and last days of voting are the heaviest.
Requesting anonymity, one actress said it was unfortunate that the allegations came to light so late in the voting process. She says she voted for Franco, but now regrets that decision.
"The last thing we need, right in the middle of all this talk about sexual harassment and gender inequity in Hollywood, is someone like that as an Oscar nominee," added the unnamed actress.
James Franco Denies Allegations, But Can He Still Win?
Responding to those allegations, Mr. Franco has denied engaging in any acts of sexual misconduct. Prior to the accusations, James was a favorite and it's likely he received many votes, before the sexual misconduct charges came to light. It's likely he lost late votes on Friday, but he may still have amassed enough early votes to win the nomination.
The Disaster Artist tells the real life story about director Tommy Wiseau (played by Franco), who directed The Room. Both film fans and film critics overwhelmingly agree that Wiseau's The Room was the worst film ever made. The Disaster Artist focuses on the friendship between Tommy and actor Greg Sestero, played by Dave Franco.
Although there are 1,218 actors voting, many are reluctant to cast a vote for someone facing sexual misconduct allegations. It remains to be seen if the story broke early enough to affect James Franco's chances for a nomination.
The nominations for this year's Oscar awards will be announced on January 23.


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