Aardvark Books Will Remain

Aardvark Books, a famous bookstore from San Francisco, recently announced that it will remain in business indefinitely.

Last September, tipster Sophia C. announced through Redfin that Aardvark Books, a well-known bookstore located on Church Street, was for sell. Aardvark Books was going to have the same fate as Books Inc, which closed in 2016.

The announcement was, however, not welcomed by many members of the community. Aardvark Books was founded in 1978 by John Hadreas. In 1978, Hadreas had a vision. He wanted to establish an independent bookstore for the community. This bookstore is known for its great staff and extensive library. It sells, for instance, magazines, novels and ephemera.

Aardvark Books is also the home of Owen, an orange tabby cat. David, the manager of the store, had announced that Owen was going to be put for adoption. But thanks to the involvement of many loyal costumers, Hadreas changed his mind. He took the store off the market and announced the good news on the media. David L., the manager of the store, thanked the community for the support. And as usual, the bookstore will continue to receive used books for credit or cash.

It was indicated on Zillow that the building was selling for around $2.8 million. Then, the price changed to $400,000. The building, which occupies about 2,780 square feet, was constructed about 110 years ago. The building also has storage space, an outdoor area and an office. A buyer would need to contact the Planning Department because the building needs modifications.

Owen, who works as a greeter, will remain in the bookstore. Owen is really popular among costumers, and he is seen a lot of times sleeping on top of books. He is also seen sitting in the bookstore’s window. David considers Owen as the most "important" employee. Aardvark Books is open seven days a week.


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