California Is Suffering Through A Catastrophic New Year


California has been hit with a string of disasters including wildfires, mudslides and a serious flu epidemic. All of this occured within the first few days of 2018. The recent calamities have kept California in the headlines.

The rainy season in Southern California resulted in the deaths of 17 individuals from mudslides, and this figure may increase. Homes were destroyed or buried in Santa Barbara County from rivers made of debris and mud speeding down the hills. Rescuers are looking for survivors by overcoming obstacles including felled trees, mud, downed power lines, boulders and wrecked cars. Some people had to be rescued by helicopters from the rooftops because their homes were full of mud. At last count a minimum of eight people remain missing. Montecito was hit hard when the slides began on Tuesday. There was no time to run, and babies and children were pulled from the mud by rescuers. US 101 was shut down temporarily in sections due to the massive amount of mud and debris.

The mudslides were even worse due to the areas charred by the wildfires. The hillside brush had been destroyed by the wildfire, and there was nothing left to soak up the floods of water, debris and mud. The blaze in California last year consumed 199,000 acres and took 39 lives in Northern California, including one of the firefighters. The Thomas Fire was an enormous blaze burning 282,000 acres, and continues to burn although now 92 percent contained. This is the biggest fire in California's history. For more details please visit Your text to link....

California has reported 27 deaths related to the flu in individuals less than 65, and this statistic is higher than usual. The Disease Control and Prevention Center has classified California as one of 26 states with a high activity of flu. People are being hospitalized due to the symptoms, and some medications are running short.

The Bay area in California was hit with a 4.4 quake last week from Santa Cruz to Santa Rosa. The damage was limited to broken windows and dishes, but the train inspectors had to check the tracks leading to major delays. This was California's first major quake of the new year, and it hit on the fourth day. There were no major damages or deaths reported, but the fact California may be due for the big quake is now in the minds of the residents.



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