Raiders Hire Jon Gruden as Coach

Raiders Officially Hire Jon Gruden as Head Coach

With Jack Del Rio now out of the job, Jon Gruden has made his return to the NFL, now as a coach.

The rumor circulating for weeks that Jon Gruden may be hired as a coach somewhere in the NFL has been confirmed, with the announcement that he was officially hired as the coach of the Oakland Raiders at the end of the first wild card game featuring the Titans and the Chiefs. This is quite contrary to what he was saying at the beginning of ESPN's broadcast. After the game, his fellow play-by-play commentator Sean McDonough shook his hand, congratulating him on the hire, with Gruden replying that he had a great run.

Adding on to this was that former Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson, who was on the field with other analysts, was even the first to offer him a welcome back. What was intriguing about this is that Woodson played under Gruden during his first four years in the league.

The new hire comes after the end of a disappointing 2017 season for the Raiders, who finished third in the division and failed to make the playoffs, after having high expectations from the previous year.

Gruden isn't new to the Oakland Raiders either, since he was their head coach from 1998 to 2001. In the nine years he was away from coaching, he worked as a commentator for ESPN, specifically Monday Night Football, alongside Mike Tirico and Ron Jaworkski. Before joining ESPN, he was head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 2002 to 2008, earning a Super Bowl ring at the end of his first season there.

As far as the Raiders go, Gruden's contract is expected to be for ten years and be worth up to $100 million, at least according to ESPN. His staff is expected to hire Greg Olson as the offensive coordinator, among other names such as Rich Bissacia for the special teams coach. Gruden, however, is expecting to add more executives and staff members to the team and front office.



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