The New Community Center in Costa Mesa City Should Be Named After Hertzog

People are usually thrilled when a new community center opens its doors. This is because a new community center can be a lifesaver for a community. People can exercise, take classes, host parties, and even secure child care. However, during all of the excitement over future opportunities, community residents often overlook the significance of naming the community center.

Naming a community center is no small thing. The name will be spoken and remembered for decades to come. This is why many people believe the new community center in Costa Mesa, California should be named for Norma Hertzog, a former mayor. This proposal was made at the Costa Mesa City Council Meeting on January 2, 2018 by Katrina Foley. The new community center will be the old Donald Dungan Branch Library building that will be re-purposed from a piece of the $35 million Lions Park Project budget.

Foley and others took the time to praise Hertzog for her contributions to the city. Former mayors of the city, including Mary Hornbuckle and Peter Buffa, echoed this praise. Unfortunately, this proposal was rebuffed by other council members who strangely wanted to put the request through a type of formal committee without specifying how exactly that was to be done.

Mayor Sandy Genis, in one of her first opportunities to lead a city council meeting, failed to take control of the situation. This was partly because one of the council members, Jim Righeimer, insisted on talking at great length throughout the evening. This left the council without enough time to adequately consider and accept the naming proposal. In other words, the failure of a simple naming request to go through signified the dysfunction of the meeting.

What does all of this mean? First, it means that the new community center should definitely be named after Hertzog. There is more than enough justification for the city to perform this honor, and it will do future generations well to have a community center named after such a fantastic female mayor. However, the second reason is more subtle. The center should named after Hertzog as a rebuke to the unnecessary length and confusion of the city council meeting on January 2nd. City council work should be done quickly and efficiently. Righeimer and Mayor Genis prevented that from happening. Having a name like Hertzog on a community building might remind these two people of how leaders are supposed to act.



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