Steph Curry Returns in MVP Form for Golden State

There are only two things that are certain in the world of professional basketball: LeBron James being a title contender and Steph Curry completely changing the way the game is played. Steph Curry recently returned to the Golden State Warrior's starting lineup after a prolonged absence due to an injured ankle. While Golden State excelled with Curry off of the court, being led to a 9 - 1 mark by Kevin Durant, it was clear to see just how much better the DUBs were with their star guard on the court. Curry's return to the lineup has culminated in a barrage of points, wins, and discussion on the concept of 'Curry Gravity'. Does this make Steph the hands-up MVP?

In Steph Curry's first game back from injury, against the Memphis Grizzlies, the elite shooter went on to set his season record in made three-point attempts (10) in just 25 minutes of work. Not content to come in on his peak, Steph is continuing to change the way the game is played by putting up absurd points. In the Warriors 121 - 105 win over Los Angeles this past Saturday, Curry completely changed the court en route to 45 points over just 30 minutes of playing time. Most impressive about the game was not just Curry's 45 points, but it was the fact that his 'gravity' completely shifted how the contest was played.

When an NBA team has an elite shooter on the court, opposing defenses tend to gravitate toward them. Watch a guy like Kyle Korver curl on a baseline route to the corner for a three. You'll see opposing defenders naturally pull toward Korver. Korver is one of the greatest three-point shooters of all time and he is treated as such. Curry, however, is on a different level. When Curry screened with the ball against Los Angeles, at least two defenders would flow his way every time. Despite this additional defensive attention, Steph still landed eight more treys. While pulling that defense, Steph also gave his teammates every easy bucket they could possibly want.

The success that Golden State had while Steph was sidelined made more than a few media analysts start to dwell on Curry's importance to the team. Curry's return to the lineup completely turned that train of thought off. Steph is back. He's the MVP. Golden State is coming for the Finals and there's nothing anyone can do to stop them.



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