A New Television Show Spotlights Covina City, California

People often like to advertise their communities. By advertising a community, you can find new residents, increase tourism, and secure more revenue to make your community even better. This is why one group of people created brochures to advertise their community several decades ago. The community was the city of Covina City, California. Inside of their brochures, they advertised a large baseball field complex, the historic Hurst Ranch, a Japanese community center, and a playhouse.

All of these glossy brochures were placed in tourist areas. The brochures sat near advertisements for other popular places in California. Unfortunately, when members of the community went to check up on the status of the brochures, they discovered not a single one had been taken. This unhappy discovery ultimately led to the end of the adverting campaign for Covina City.

Today, a big corporation is doing all of the advertising needed for Covina City. This is because a new television show is being set there. The show is called "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend." The plot of the show revolves around a successful attorney from New York City moving back to Covina City to rekindle a childhood romance. Airing on CW, the producers of the show wanted to showcase the feel of a small, American town in Southern California. This meant examining all 88 cities located in the region. In the end, it was realized nothing like this had ever been filmed in Covina City. This made it the perfect location.

"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" features a Filipino character played by a Filipino actor. This fits well with Covnia City's vibrant Filipino community. This also helps show that life in a small, American town is different today than it was sixty years ago. Small towns are getting more and more diverse. This means people growing up in these towns may lead lives of routine and normalcy, but that environment does not keep them in the dark about the vibrant diversity in American culture right now.

The citizens of Covina City have mixed feelings about the show being filmed right in their backyards. Many of the people enjoy the publicity the show will bring to the community. However, some folks think the excitement of the show takes away a little bit of what made Covina City special in the first place. Before, nobody really knew or cared much about Covnia City. For better or for worse, all of that is about to change.



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