More Flu Cases In Southern California

There is a spike in the number of flu cases in southern California this season. Health officials have noted that a large number of cases has called for an increase in the number of workers in hospitals and doctor's offices. This has put a strain on the health care system as it wants to help everyone but is limited to the resources that it can provide at one time. Officials are trying to educate people about getting their vaccinations and some of the things that they can do to keep the flu under control.

There were over 3,400 calls for ambulance transport in Riverside County from people who had complications from the flu. This is a number that is 31 percent above average. It's putting a strain on the ambulance drivers and other first responders because they are going from one call to another with little in the way of a break in between. Some hospitals have placed beds in conference areas because there are so many people coming in at one time. This is a year that has been busier than ever concerning the flu.

Many of the people who are seeking treatment at hospitals are children and the elderly. There are also people seeking emergency treatment who already have health conditions that are exacerbated when the flu virus is present. Rick Rodela is one resident who took his mother to the emergency room for treatment. They waited for two days in the emergency room before they were seen. There are no beds in the hospitals for patients to be admitted. Pharmacies in southern California have seen a decrease in the medications that they have on hand to help treat flu symptoms. Hospital officials want to remind the public about the symptoms of the flu that include a fever, chills, body aches and congestion. Those who cannot treat the flu by visiting a family doctor or with medications should visit an emergency room for further assistance.



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