LA Chargers Look Back on Disastrous Finish to Inaugural Season.

LA Chargers

When the San Diego Chargers made their 'big move' to Los Angeles, fans were absolutely infuriated. San Diego, as a market, never really supported the Chargers in numbers that could have kept the franchise around, but those that came to the game were loyal to the team. In Los Angeles, the Chargers were joining another relocated team in the Los Angeles Rams. Many expected the relocation to be a failure but for the team to at least be competitive. Fortunately, the Chargers were competitive but they fell short once again in a season that may have been their best bet at making hay in the AFC West. Let's take a brief stroll down the plays that killed the Chargers playoff aspirations.

When the final week of the season came to a close, Los Angeles would fall just a game behind Kansas City in the AFC West. Los Angeles would go 9 - 7 while the Chiefs went 10 - 6. Kansas City would go on to be upset in stunning fashion by the Tennessee Titans in Wildcard Weekend which made the Chargers' inability to get into the postseason all the more infuriating. Would Los Angeles have caved to a Titans' team that probably shouldn't have even been in the postseason? Well, as it turns out, the question came down to a few individual plays spread out over 16 weeks of football action.

The one play that Chargers' fans are probably looking back on the most, especially in light of Jacksonville's postseason struggles this past weekend, was their overtime game against the Jags. The Chargers took Jacksonville's elite defense to overtime and QB Philip Rivers promptly gave it away with an interception. The Chargers would lose the game and summarily lose positioning in the playoff race. That wasn't the only play that killed Chargers fans but it was one of the biggest ones. Among the others was the infamous Travis Benjamin punt 'return' for a safety against New England in a game that LAC could have possibly one as well as a host of kicking problems engineered by since-cut kicker Younghoe Koo.

Looking to the future, Los Angeles is another year older and another year removed from QB Philip Rivers' prime. For the first time in years, the Chargers got a completely healthy season out of their superstar wideout Keenan Allen as well as a monstrous year out of running back Melvin Gordon. It ended up all being for naught and we doubt the Chargers get that lucky again next year.



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