Costa Mesa Police Buy Tricycle for Cancer Patient

Costa Mesa Police

For Phil Cartier and his wife Katie, it was a very tough holiday season. Not only is he battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer and facing mounting bills because of it, but his beloved tricycle was recently stolen. Though this story has a happy ending. It does thanks to the generosity of some local Costa Mesa police officers.

Last November, Phil bought a tricycle so he could both exercise and get around town whenever he was physically able to, and his wife and best friend put it together over the course of 2 weeks. However, because of his medical bills, the couple have had to sell their house of 20 years, and in process of moving out, the tricycle was stolen out of their storage unit.

Katie called the burglary "the last straw." But this is when the Costa Mesa police stepped in, led by an officer named Trevor Jones.

Jones says that he was heartbroken to hear that someone who was going through something so terrible would get robbed. So, with the help of the Costa Mesa police officers' association, Jones bought Cartier a new red tricycle — a tricycle similar to the one that was stolen. They further bought Cartier a new lock and registration, and presented all three to the man as a surprise.

Also involved with the surprise was a local bicycle shop called The Cyclist. The store sold many bicycles over the holiday season, but it's doubtful any were as impactful as this one.

Upon receipt of the gift, Phil had lots of trouble stopping expressing his thanks to the police officers. But when he finally did, he took his new tricycle for a ride. He says that not only does he love it but he insists that it's even better than the one that was stolen.

Phil wasn't the only one happy with the tricycle. His wife was so overwhelmed by seeing his joy that she couldn't help cry.

The bike just might be a harbinger of good things to come in the new year for the couple. Phil is currently participating in a clinical trial at Hoag Hospital, which has been keeping the cancer from spreading.



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