Injured Mountain Biker Rescued by Helicopter at Bay Area Park


An unidentified man in the Bay Area has reason to be thankful for the ability to ring in the New Year thanks to a high stakes helicopter rescue by the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office. According to the San Francisco Gate, the man had been mountain biking on Saturday, December 30th within Briones Regional Park in Walnut Creek. The park is host to over 6,000 acres of mountainous terrain located in central Contra Costa County and is a popular destination for Bay Area mountain bikers. However, as this man learned many of those trails can be difficult to navigate for even the most expert of riders.

According to authorities, the man was biking on the Beacon Ridge Trail within Briones Regional Park on the afternoon of the 30th when he had some sort of crash. The man reportedly received injuries to his head and neck and was in serious condition. The accident was reported to the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office who responded at approximately 3:30 p.m. local time. A three-person unit operating a STARR 1 rescue helicopter was dispatched. Aboard the STARR 1 helicopter was a Contra Costa County fire captain, a paramedic, and a flight rescue technician. The STARR 1 helicopter landed on a hill near where the man was injured and both rescue workers hiked on foot via a remote trail to reach him. After assessing the man’s injuries the first responders determined they would need to air lift him out of the remote area. One first responder returned to the helicopter and flew to the man’s location. A cable was lowered and the man, strapped to a stretcher by the remaining first responders, was air lifted from the remote trail and flown approximately half a mile to meet waiting fire department personnel. From there, the man was rushed to the hospital for treatment. This entire incredible rescue was captured on video by the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s office. At the time of this article there was no official update or identification for the injured man.



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