The Price of Jimmy Garoppolo for San Francisco.

With a single trade, the San Francisco 49ers completely reinvented their franchise and moved up their timeline. San Francisco dealt a 2nd round pick to the New England Patriots in order to acquire backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo back in Week 9. Garoppolo had frequently been touted as the QB of the future for New England but Tom Brady's consistent MVP-level play kept pushing back that timeline. Eventually, New England realized they needed to deal their stud young backup while he still had value. San Francisco came calling. Now, the 49ers are looking locked and loaded for what could be their most important offseason since a Harbaugh came calling. The only question that remains is this: what is it going to cost?

Jimmy Garoppolo has come into the San Francisco 49ers starting lineup and completely changed the entire complexion of the franchise. No longer was San Francisco worried about guys like CJ Beathard taking snaps. No longer was San Francisco worried about jockeying for a QB in the first round. Nope, the face of the franchise strolled into town with luscious locks and a cannon of a right arm. Fortunately for San Francisco, it only cost them a draft pick. Unfortunately, San Francisco now has to pay Garoppolo this offseason as his contractual deal with New England expires. San Francisco is going to have to pay a hefty price for Garoppolo, but what will it be?

The last big contract that San Francisco handed out to a QB was Colin Kaepernick in 2014. Kaeps deal was for five years and it was heavily laden with contractual clauses. This deal made sense for both sides as it protected San Francisco in case Kaepernick regressed and it also gave Kaep a ton of incentives to earn in the event that he exceeded his abilities. That deal, while not great in retrospect, isn't even going to be on the table for Garoppolo. Instead, San Francisco is going to be staring down a huge contract, with a ton of up-front money, or the franchise tag.

If San Francisco were to franchise tag Garoppolo, which makes sense for both sides, they would be paying nearly $24 million for a single season of the young signal-caller. While Garoppolo will likely bristle at this offer, it could end up being where the two sides settle. San Francisco would get to see a full season of the gunslinger while Garoppolo could angle for an even bigger deal next year.



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