Steph Curry Returns for Golden State on FIRE.

There is a special place reserved for NBA fans that doubt the play of Steph Curry. We aren't sure what that place is called, but it is located very far away from the ORACLE Arena. Steph Currey has been sidelined for the better part of the past month due to a rough ankle injury sustained against the Phoenix Suns. Over that timespan, Golden State has continued to rack up wins behind the MVP-level play of Kevin Durant. In that time, some in the media began to doubt Curry's importance to the Golden State Warriors. Curry's return, in a night game against the Memphis Grizzlies, quickly put those thoughts to rest.

Golden State's head coach Steve Kerr played it relatively lowkey when he announced that Curry would be returning to the starting lineup. Kerr inferred that Curry would likely be playing with a minutes limit and that meant that most people expected Curry to get some work in the 20 - 25 minute range. Those minutes ended up being pretty accurate, but what Curry was able to do with them will leave fans reeling for a long time. Curry racked up 38 points in just 26 minutes of action on his way to leading Golden State to defeat Memphis, 141 - 128. Curry went 13/17 from the floor on the way to nailing ten shots from beyond the arc. Curry set his season high on a minutes-limit while coming back from a terrible ankle injury -- #JustCurryThings.

The return of Stephen Curry likely won't change the incredible pace that the Warriors have been on over the past month, but it will change the complexion of the wins that the Dubs have been racking up. Golden State has been the most dominant team in the NBA since Currey was injured, but those wins were all hard-fought and hard to secure. With Curry back in the lineup, the Warriors look more energized than ever before and that should be absolutely draining to opposing teams who want to give their best shot to Golden State.

For his part, Curry has continued to be one of the easiest to read stars in the league. Curry doesn't hide anything but he doesn't seek out anything either. Curry said of his monstrous game, "I was feeling pretty good." Curry went on to compliment Coach Kerr before saying, "He gave me that extra minute and a half and I made a shot, so it paid off."



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