Family Receives Christmas Gifts After Work Tools Stolen

A plumber who lives in Winnetka recently had his tools stolen, keeping him from doing work to support his family. His van was also stolen. The lack of work made it difficult to provide Christmas presents for his children. The men who committed the crime were arrested. However, the man wasn't able to recover his belongings in time to start working again before the holiday season. Los Angeles Police Department officers decided to be Santa for the family so that the man's children could have presents.

Undercover officers were able to offer assistance in capturing the men who took the tools and the van. One of the officers saw a work van similar to those that many thieves in the area look for because of the possibility of high-valued items inside. The officer followed the van and ran the license plate. When the van came back as stolen, the officers set up further surveillance tactics. They discovered that each man had a separate white van. Both of the vans were listed as stolen.

The men were finally arrested four days before Christmas. One man was charged with a felony and the other a misdemeanor. Officers knew that the thieves took the victim's business when they took his tools and van. On the Wednesday after Christmas, officers took gifts to the man's girls. They enjoyed getting a playhouse as well as dolls, stuffed animals, and other toys. Each girl got about 10 gifts. The parents received gift cards from Target as well that had been donated. Unfortunately, the vans that the suspects were driving weren't the victim's, but officers did find his tools inside one of the vans. The tools were returned to the victim, and he was thrilled to be able to begin working again. Other stolen items were also recovered from the vans.



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