Jack Del Rio May Not Survive Disappointing Season

Jack Del Rio's Job in Jeopardy

If any head coach had high expectations coming into this season, Oakland Raiders coach Jack Del Rio would be one of the names to come up.

In his first two seasons as the Raiders head coach, Del Rio was seen as a messiah of sorts, taking a team that had a total of eleven wins over the course of the three years before, to a team with a 7-9 record in 2016 and an even better 12-4 in 2016. Between having a seriously improved record, a lot of young talent and Del Rio's hard-nosed personality the team looked as though it were being revived.

However, now that the Raiders have suffered another ugly loss on Christmas night to the Philadelphia Eagles, it looks as though Del Rio's complete resurgence of the Raiders isn't going quite as well as people thought. Right now, the Raiders sit at 6-9, with three straight losses, have already been eliminated from playoff contention and are headed to Los Angeles to face the Chargers in the regular season finale. Because of this, there is now some talk that Del Rio may be fired at the end of the season.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, however, there is only really a 50-50 chance of Del Rio being released at the end of the season. The Raiders seem more likely to keep him around for one more year, not only because they gave him a four-year extension but also to try and prove that this year's disappointment wasn't the norm.

With Monday night's loss to the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field, the Raiders were officially eliminated from the playoff race, though their hopes were already dangling by a thread entering the game. In the game it was glaringly obvious that the offense was absolutely nothing like the 2016 offense, which was very dynamic, if not explosive at times. Del Rio fired offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave earlier in the offseason, which would explain why quarterback Derek Carr looks like he's taken a step back as far as progression goes. The defense, however, seems to have stepped its game up since John Pagano was selected to be the defensive coordinator a few weeks ago.

In short, pumping new life into the offense is a must for the team in the offseason if Del Rio expects to remain on the Raiders roster.



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