Trump Is the First President in Years to Skip A Visit to California in His First Year at the White House


Trump’s love for all the golden things does not extend to California which is otherwise referred to as the Golden State. President Donald Trump is set to make history as the first president to not set foot in California during his first year of a presidency since Dwight D. Eisenhower six decades ago. The president does not seem to make plans to land his Air Force One in the most economically prosperous and populous state in the union before he completes his first year in the White House.

In the past, US presidents did visit the state although they did not win the electoral votes from California. They visited to thank the massive donations from the affluent citizens of California contributed to their presidential campaigns. For a president who has been haunted fiercely by the 2016 presidential election like Donald Trump, he would not stand the memory of how a handful 31% of the resident's in California voted for him while the rest 61% decided to vote for the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton garnered 55 votes in the state’s Electoral College and over 4 million votes in the popular vote category.

A few weeks that preceded the presidential election, Donald Trump alluded through his twitter handle that California was experiencing severe voter fraud. He also said that other states such as New Hampshire and Virginia were also experiencing voter fraud. However, the President-elect did not give any form of suggested evidence for his claims. Since the election period late last year, the state of California has been spearheading efforts to rollback policies that have been implemented by the Trump administration. The State has heavily funded the federal healthcare subsidies that were performed by the Obama administration and enforced regulations on environmental safety and protection.

Californian authorities have pushed back against the crackdown of both legal and illegal immigrants which is one of the controversial policies by the Trump administration under the umbrella of ‘America First’ slogan. Earlier on in February this year, President Trump told Fox News that California had gone out of control. Out of all the 29 states that have been visited by President Trump since he took office in January this year, only eight of them are located west of the River Mississippi. He has been noted to visit the red states that are friendly to his policies in the northern Industrial belt and the southeast where he gained a victory in the presidential election.



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