Packages Found In Bag After Homeless Man Steals Them


When someone mentions a person who is homeless, then the image is usually of someone who sleeps on a sidewalk or someone who doesn't want to work and asks for handouts. A homeless man was wandering around in Los Angeles when officers stopped him to look in his bag. When they searched his bag, they discovered two packages that had apparently been stolen. Officers charged the man with taking the packages from homes in Burbank.

Residents in a Burbank neighborhood informed officers that there was a man walking around who appeared suspicious. They feared that he was trying to break into vehicles in the neighborhood. Officers soon arrived and started looking for the man. They found Daronne Davis, a man who looked like the person described in the report. Davis let the officers look through his belongings. They discovered two items in his bag that had an address of a home in the neighborhood. Davis told the officers that he took the packages a short time before he was stopped.

The officers located the people at the home to give back their packages. They took their belongings back, and Davis was taken into custody. However, he was released only a short time later with a court date in early January. Officers in Burbank are asking that residents monitor their mail and anything that is left on their porches in case there are other people who are looking for packages to take. They believe that this time of the year is when more people begin searching for items that they can easily take, especially when no one is home. An idea that officers have suggested is to sign for packages that are delivered instead of letting the postal service or delivery drivers leave them behind without anyone there to take them inside the home.



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