Recent SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Inspires Residents Of Southern California

People all over Southern California are still in awe over the recent flight of a SpaceX rocket ship. Although this ship was most certainly was not a UFO, you could forgive those who mistakenly assumed so when they first laid eyes on it.

Called the SpaceX Falcon 9, this rocket launched into the sky at 5:30PM on December 22nd with ten satellites in tow. The Falcon 9 began and finished its mission at Vandenberg Air Force Base near Los Angeles.

Crewmembers say the Falcon 9 mission was a success and that all ten of the satellites are now in orbit.

Thousands of people in Southern California posted pictures of this incredible aircraft on social media pages. There were even reports that people in Arizona and northern Mexico had a clear view of the rocket.

Iridium Communications developed all of the satellites in Falcon 9's ship. The satellites were designed to enhance communications between mobile devices. As of today, Iridium has 66 commercial satellites orbiting earth's surface.

Eyewitnesses in California say the Falcon 9 launch was a perfect Christmas present to share with family and friends. Almost everyone who posted videos or pictures of the rocket on Twitter said they will remember this launch for the rest of their lives.

Even Tesla founder Elon Musk posted a video of the Falcon 9 on his popular Twitter feed. Below his video of the Falcon 9, Musk joked that this rocket must be a UFO sent from Pyongyang.

Another popular image of the Falcon 9 came from Twitter user Mehmet Akcin. Akcin posted a picture of the rocket over Disney's California Adventure theme park.

But perhaps the best coverage of the Falcon 9 came the Mexican news organization Uno TV. Residents of Baja California's Tijuana sent in incredible videos to the news organization on December 22nd.

Anyone can easily search for SpaceX Falcon 9 ships on sites like Twitter and YouTube. For more information about launches in the Southern California area, residents are welcome to explore Vandenberg Air Force Base's "Launch Center" online.



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