California's Population Rises To Almost 40 Million In 2017

California's Department of Finance released a new report that reveals the state's population grew by 300,000 residents in the past year. As of today, there are 39.6 million people living in the Golden State, which makes it the largest in the USA.

Analysts say California's exponential growth mainly has to do with the state's high birth rate. In 2017, births in California were higher than deaths by 220,000.

Although millions have left the state in the past year, foreign immigration into California remains robust. Combining immigration and emigration rates in California, analysts found that the state added 80,000 residents.

Unsurprisingly, the most populous city in the state is Los Angeles, which has about 10.3 million citizens. Indeed, all the major population surges in California were in southern counties. Study authors note that Sacramento suburbs, Central Valley, and the Inland Empire saw the largest population increases in the past year.

A few other counties that saw growth of at least 20,000 people in the past year include San Diego, San Bernardino, and Riverside.

Although the state's population increased overall, there were few counties in Northern California that saw their populations drop. A few of these counties include Sierra Nevada range and San Francisco's suburbs. The Alpine region is the most sparsely populated area of California with only around 1,100 residents.

Out of California's 58 counties, nine account for 70 percent of the state's population. Each of the following counties has at least one million residents: Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Clara, Alameda, Sacramento, and Contra Costa.

As of 2016, the major racial groups in California include non-Hispanic Whites, Hispanics, and Asians. Hispanics account for 39 percent of the total population, whereas non-Hispanic Whites are 38 percent and Asians are 15 percent.

According to the US Census Bureau, about 26 percent of California's current citizenry was born outside of the USA. Most population analysts believe the Hispanic population will become the majority in California in the near future.



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