1960's Icon to Play Final San Francisco Club Gigs

Country Joe McDonald is somewhat of a legend in Bay Area pop culture. His politically charged performance at Woodstock was perfectly emblematic of the entire era: honest, rebellious, and passionate. 50 years ago in 1967, still 2 years before his iconic Woodstock performance, Country Joe & the Fish released "Electric Music For The Mind & Body", a hippie folk record well ahead of its time. Its psychedelic sound was among the first of its kind, coming out before the breakthrough of popular acts like The Grateful Dead and Big Brother & The Holding company (the band that would launch Janis Joplin's career).
Country Joe's final Bay area club performance will be on Friday and is meant to be in honor the 50th anniversary of his landmark album. He has stated that he plans to play through the album in its entirety. After finishing the album, he will play select songs from various points throughout his career, some from the era of Country Joe & The Fish and some from after the dissolution of the band.
For the performance, Country Joe will be playing alongside veterans of the modern psychedelic scene. Matt Piucci and Derek See, of Rain Parade and Gentle Cycle, respectively, will be joining Country Joe onstage as guitar players. Both are well acquainted with the sonically innovative psychedelic sounds that Country Joe & The Fish were well known for. He will also be joined by Grammy nominated bass player Alec Palao and drummer Jozef Becker, of Thin White Rope.
Country Joe will be playing on Thursday night at Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, and playing his final club show the following day on Friday at The Chapel in San Francisco.
Although these will be his final club gigs, he says, "It would be nice to be playing Hardly Strictly Bluegrass..." Unfortunately, he also says that they have not asked him to play, a decision leaving him wondering whether or not he is, in fact, chopped liver.
This final show marks the end of an era of performances by the legendary rocker and is symbolic of the passing of the once great 60's rock scene. Country Joe will surely not the only performer of the era to see his final performances come soon. While it may be a sad day, one thing is for sure: it's going to rock.



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