A Warning Issued to Nestle That It Lacks Some California Water Rights

California Water Rights

The Arrowhead bottled water vendor, Nestle, may be forced out from harvesting millions of liters of water annually from the San Bernardino National Forest in Southern California. This is after state authorities noted that the company lacked the necessary permits to harvest natural resources in California. The Board for state water Resources control sent a notice to the firm on Wednesday. The notice inferred that the company did not have the necessary rights to about 75% of all the water that it harvests for bottling in California.

The report concluded that a huge portion of the water drawn by Nestle for commercial bottling had been diverted without any form of the valid basis of right. The Company legally registered as Nestle Waters North America has been directed to cut back its water bottling capacity until it can prove that it has valid water rights to the sources that it currently draws water from or to any additional underground water.

The company has been issued with a two months ultimatum to submit a plan that shows interim compliance. The firm is a subsidiary of the Swiss food giant, Nestle. The management of Nestle in California said that it was amused by the fact that the authorities acknowledged that it had some significant rights to draw water from the sources in southern California. In a statement, Nestle noted that it would continue all its operations in strict compliance with the existing regulations regarding water sources and committed to adhering to the Californian laws strictly.

The report by the company was also applauded by activists who have been pressuring Nestle to withdraw its exploitation of the catchment sources in California for commercial purposes. One of the people who filed a complaint regarding the company’s illegal activities, Amanda Frye, said that the results were appealing although she had not gone through the entire report. In a statement to Desert Sun of Palm Springs, Frye said that the result felt like a significant victory for her. She felt happy that her plea was taken into consideration by the State Water Resources Control board. She added that the move by the board was ultimately meant to protect the residents of California.

In last year alone, Nestle collected an estimated 32 million gallons of water from water collection tunnels and wells in the forest. A comprehensive investigation by the water board suggested that the company was only authorized to draw an annual capacity of 8.5 million gallons of water from a combined area of 26 acre-feet.



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