Catt Sadler Quits 'E! News' Over Pay Disparity

While pay inequality may have taken a backseat to sexual assault and misconduct allegations, Catt Sadler is showing gender inequality is still a problem. The E! News anchor quit her job rather than renewing a contract that she says offered her unfair compensation, compared to that of her co-anchor, Jason Kennedy.
Catt Sadler Cites "Massive Pay Disparity" In Contract Negotiations
As the time to negotiate a new employment contract came around, Catt Sadler looked into her situation to ensure she was getting a fair deal. What she learned was shocking. She says Jason Kennedy, her co-anchor on E! News, was making nearly double her own salary and had been earning that much for the past several years. While she might have anticipated learning Kennedy made a little more than herself, she says she never expected such a huge gap.
Sadler says she tried to level that gap, asking only for what she thought she was worth. The news anchor says she repeatedly requested more money and was shot down each time.
"My team and I asked for what I know I deserve and were denied repeatedly," said Ms. Sadler.
Could A Difference In Duties Be At Issue?
Admittedly, Catt has different responsibilities than Jason Kennedy at the network. In addition to co-hosting the news program on occasion, Ms. Sadler also hosted Daily Pop, a daytime series. Conversely, Mr. Kennedy hosts E! News five nights each week and performs other unnamed functions at the network.
A statement released by the network indicates a lack of concern over Sadler's departure. The statement shared the network's position that employees are paid based on job function, not on gender. Additionally, the E! network statement wished Catt luck, following her decision to resign her position.
Catt has responded to the statement, making it clear that she felt forced to resign, due to the pay disparity. She said she holds no blame against Kennedy, who she has always enjoyed working with and adores as a friend and co-worker. Sadler added that the problem was that the pay disparity was so extreme that she felt she couldn't continue to tolerate it in good conscience.
"But how can I operate with integrity and stay on at E if they’re not willing to pay me the same as him? Or at least come close," added Ms. Sadler to her remarks.
While Jason Kennedy hasn't commented on the situation, he did invite his Twitter followers to tune in for Catt's E! News "send off," which is set to air on Tuesday.


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